What we do for You...

  1. Bandwidth - we have the time, the energy, and the drive to dig in deep and work hard and efficiently

  2. Equity/Respect - we want to work with you, not for you or against you. We give our entrepreneurs autonomy and make ourselves available to help when needed

  3. Transparency - you can expect honesty and clarity from us in every stage of our interactions

What we Look For...

Social Impact

We examine a company's impact from the perspectives of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the company's innovation, sustainability and scalability. We help our portfolio companies to optimize their impact and avoid decisions that would detract from their primary mission.

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We work with strong and experience management teams with proven track records of success. A great indicator of the future success of any social enterprise is the passion, grit, and creativity of the founders and employees. We help the management teams of our portfolio companies focus their energy on the problems that really matter.


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Profit potential

We actively seek out companies with significant market opportunities that have a proven concept and a sustainable competitive advantage that will scale with growth. We help our portfolio companies to optimize financial returns and scale quickly by helping them make strategic decisions that promote growth.

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