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Kimball Crockett

Kimball is pursuing a BA in finance at BYU. He has a passion for service, learning and business. Building a school in Belize and volunteering in Japan as a missionary for 2 years helped him develop a priority for service. Through running his own business, working at the Jones CPA Group, EKR marketing, and America First Credit Union, a love for all things business, especially start-ups and finance, grew. Kimball especially enjoyed learning about and working on the Crypx100, researching ICO's to help investors make better decisions with Cryptocurrencies. This experience began a fascination for investing. He also loved consulting through BYU for corporations like Wal-Mart, several investment firms and Adobe. Through these experiences, Kimball was guided to the Ballard Center where he mentored social entrepreneurs in starting their own ventures and pitching their ideas. During his down time you can find him mountain biking, playing sports, strumming his guitar or making pottery.