Marianna Giordano

Marianna graduated from Brigham Young University in 2018 in English and International Development. Originally planning on attending law school, on a whim she signed up for an internship with Ashoka and quickly fell in love with the social innovation and entrepreneurship space.

Marianna has previously worked at the BYU Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance as a teaching assistant. She was a research assistant and eventually project manager for the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, working on a variety of issues including healthcare policy and reform, civic participation, youth community engagement, rural economic development, and bi-partisan collaboration. Marianna has also worked for the Marathon County Administration (Wisconsin) to rank and assess county programs and with BYU's Center for Teaching and Learning to evaluate the efficacy of consultant services.

In her free time, she enjoys speaking French, volunteering as an ESL tutor, and going to her grandma's house for Sunday dinner.