Miriam Sweeney

Miriam finds fulfillment in contributing to projects that make the world a smarter, stronger, safer place. Miriam represents the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society on Brigham Young University campus as vice president. She has published her impact research on the health conditions of children in asylum-seeking detention centers with the university’s Prelaw Review. She led an international research program studying the effectiveness of the PEF/Self-Reliance Initiative and currently serves as COO of SkyTech Robotics, LLC. Miriam joined University Impact with the intention to lend her attention to detail and organizational neuroticism to a worthy cause and has stayed because of the thrill of dipping her fingers into a variety of industries and rubbing shoulders with organizations and people whose innovations could have lasting impact. When she’s not working on impact projects, Miriam dabbles in graphic design and acts in local theater and films.